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Created the First International School in Eastern Slovakia during COVID-19

Designed, created & opened the first international school in Eastern Slovakia during COVID-19; the first independent, state-funded, International Baccalaureate (IB) PYP World School in the country. Implemented 21st-century education with my vision of 'Children Innovating the Future' and Virtual and Augmented Reality [VR/AR], Edison Robotics, I-to-l iPads, including online and distance learning during COVID-19 lockdown, et al. Attained private sector grant funding. Created and delivered budgets, policies, forecasting, strategic plans, curriculum, resourcing, recruitment. Presented at national conferences & provided stakeholder professional development.

Author and Illustrator of Children's Books Published World-wide

The Girl Who Could Do Anything [2023]
Claire Just Didn't Care [2022]
How Did The Cow Go Meow? [2022]
Star and the Mystery of the Missing Clothes [2021]
Creality Group GmbH

Secured grant funding from Orange Slovensko for Educational Technology in Slovakia

Successfully secured thousands of €uros through grant funding applications from private sector entities targeting 21st century teaching and learning resources in Slovakia.

Key-Note Presenter at the AMCHAM East Innovation National Conference in Slovakia

American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia: Magnet Cities. 25 November 2020. Children Innovating the Future

International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle School Authorisation in Norway

Achieved Primary Years Programme (PYP) Re-Authorisation, and the first ever Middle Years Programme (MYP) Authorisation in Aalesund.

Coordinated Start-up International Baccalaureate Primary and Middle Schools Candidacy Status in Italy

Delivered pedagogical leadership for five (5) schools: Monza, Vicenza and Rosa; gained IB candidacy status for one start-up primary school (PYP), and two primary & middle schools (PYP & MYP).

Donor Sponsorship Funding and Research for a Non-governmental Organisation in Viet Nam

Led qualitative, interpretivist and ethnographic research into social justice. Improved technology and communication, increased donor sponsorship and grant funding applications, developed international and local projects, and online content.

Delivered ICT infrastructure advancements in Slovakia and Norway

Successfully formulated and implemented a comprehensive ICT proposal, budget, and resourcing strategy, serving as a cornerstone for the technological advancement of both Primary and Middle schools which included professional development for stakeholders.

Australian National Basketball Champion

The first All-Australian team to win the 2004 Australian Basketball Association championship (ABA) - now NBL1.

Achievements: Coaching

Roles & Responsibilities

Key tasks include (but, are not limited to):

Achievements: Services

Organisational Management

  • Liaison between external stakeholder groups

  • Report to governing organisational bodies

  • Create a community of practice

  • Promoting international-mindedness

  • Participate and lead professional development with various stakeholder groups (students, parents, staff, and wider community) in: workshops, conferences, school visits, induction, organisational networks

  • Create, oversee and follow-up action items aligned with standards and practices and the school strategic action plan

  • Collaborate with leadership in staff recruitment process

  • Oversee all accounting responsibilities for growing small-businesses

  • Leads schools successfully through Middle Years Programme application, candidacy, authorisation and Primary Years Programme application, candidacy, self-study evaluation and beyond

  • Represent the business in union and legal matters

  • Write legal documents

  • Collaborate with union representatives

  • Undertake debt collection and court representation for clients

  • Manage daily operations of an organisation, business and Non governmental organisations (NGO)

  • Apply local, national and international laws and regulations

  • Pay weekly and monthly wages to staff

  • Appraising staff roles and responsibilities to distribute and empower colleagues and community

  • Oversee the management of minor and major projects for the organisation

  • Devise duty rosters and timetables for staff and various subjects for primary and middle schools

  • Recording, collating and archiving materials, including the PYP Exhibition and MYP Personal Project

  • Generate sustainable funding from international organisations

  • Create and write international grant applications

  • Represent and conduct the self in promoting quality education (UN SDG 4)

  • Construct new and review current policies relating to all functions of a school (eg: inclusion, assessment, admission, language, ICT, student council, personal project, and others)

  • Leads orientation of new teachers into the school and programmes

  • Encourages an inquiry-based environment within the community

  • Keep extremely accurate anecdotal notes

  • Construct meeting minutes with clear agendas and targeted outcomes for whole school and one-to-one collaborations

  • Support teachers in their lifelong learning. Mentor substitute teachers, student volunteers, student teachers, and team or external volunteer members enrolled in university programs

  • Make recommendations for the purchase of suitable resources

  • Identify resources within the local community to aid the implementation of school curricula

  • Set up systems and promotes effective communication and collaboration among all staff members

  • Conducts parent information sessions

  • Publishes open, sharable academic articles

  • Establishes/maintains a network with other international schools and organisations

  • Promotes the organisation in both online and offline means

Learning and development

  • Undertake academic, critical insider-research in pedagogy and andragogy

  • Responsible for collaborative planning and whole-school implementation

  • Facilitating inquiry-based pedagogy

  • Support in defining school culture

  • Implementing standards/outcomes-based pedagogy

  • Creating whole-school curricula for primary and middle schools

  • Construct policy documentation review, liaison and publication

  • Ensures that the most up-to-date academic and educational publications are available

  • Ensure staff members are aware of and provided appropriate professional development opportunities and in-house training

  • Leads development and review of school curriculum

  • Make recommendations regarding professional development 

  • Support teachers in their planning process and ensure consistency within the programmes

  • Create change in organisational practices for various programmes and learning support/special needs sectors

  • Promotes collaboration and team work in planning, teaching, assessing

  • Mentoring and coaching teachers throughout all phases

  • Skilled in UK KS1 and KS2, Norwegian, Swedish, Australian, Italian and Swiss cantonal and national curricula

  • Leading and supporting the International Baccalaureate (IB) authorisation and evaluation processes for both Primary Years and Middle Years (PYP and MYP) programmes

  • Responsible for ensuring a curriculum scope and sequence is in place inclusive of Approaches to Learning (ATL)

  • Website domain platform host for 30+ online sites built by children for assessment

  • Support teachers and students in preparing for various assessments of all programmes: PYP Exhibition, MYP Personal Project

  • Provide appropriate guidance and support are given to staff to implement the programme and assessment strategies

  • Oversee Special Projects: Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure

  • Undertake or contribute to special projects, both internally and/or in cooperation with outside agencies

Educational specifics

  • Demonstrates the highest quality of a 21st century educator for 21st century learners

  • Evolve pedagogical practices in connectivism and socio-constructivism through Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)

  • Learning designer for eLearning courses (eg: MOOCs)

  • Course developer of higher educational online learning

  • Deliver online and offline educational seminars

  • Identify pedagogical resources and strategies for implementation

  • Ensure essential agreements are formulated and applied

  • Keep a record of workshops, attendance, school visits

  • Mentor undergraduate student-teachers

  • Assist teams or individuals in developing and documenting units of inquiry and learning that include individual student agency and specialised individual development plans

  • Support teachers responsible for various events and celebrations

  • Demonstrates exemplary pedagogical practices for others

  • Substitute teach when necessary with the intention to build relationships with students and quality control lesson planning

  • Supervision/duty support for inside/outside posts

  • Support substitute teachers

  • Attend seminars and job-alike sessions

  • Support the Student Council and other student actions

  • Coordinates/Supports school assemblies

  • Support with field trip planning 

  • School Yearbook coordinating

  • Lay the foundations for the following roles: Personal Project Coordinator; Service and Action Coordinator

  • After School Activity: basketball and iPad ICT for Early Years students

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