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Michael C F Cresswell

'Life's a journey. Time is a river. The door is ajar.' - Jim Butcher

Michael Cresswell is an experienced university Lecturer in education with an established international track record of success as a creator of schools, online and distance education, global development and leadership. A master teacher who specialises in unlocking your full potential by becoming more than what you already are.

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The Story of Michael Cresswell

It all started with The Dreaming and messages from the Hoop God in the backyard

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Born from the rainforest along the Great Barrier Reef, a cousin of the Yidinji people; as an EU, UK and Australian citizen, Michael is a children's book author and illustrator, an experienced international educationalist, Master Teacher and Research Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in global education and the non-profit organisation management industry, spanning 9 countries. He has a unique and unrivalled understanding and approach to successful teamwork and collaboration as an Australian Basketball State & National Champion; player and coach. He has an extensive career experience as a Director of an artistic and musical events business, Directorship of a 3-business company and real estate accountancy. This chemistry of elements offers you a skilled innovator in authentic, strategic & collaborative leadership, open critical pedagogy through mentoring, workplace relations, coaching and event management. Demonstrating as a  21st-century educator, these qualities were developed across multiple industries, generating a strong and active community leader with a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Education in Leadership, equity and diversity, and a Post Graduate in Online and Distance education: technology-enhanced learning, and a Post Graduate in Global Development Management. Michael’s lifelong learning experiences offer an internationally-minded resource like no one else can provide.

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Ripple effects

Authentic Testimonials

Client 3

Dr Pauline Taylor Guy

Director & Professor @ Australian Council For Educational Research

I have known for about 10 years as a sport coach, teacher education student and an excellent and enthusiastic teacher. Michael simply loves teaching and this permeates all areas of his professional life. Whilst it is a loss to our local schools that he has embarked on more international professional experiences, this is entirely consistent with his own thirst for learning. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Client 4

Anita Meisal B.Ed

International Educator

I had the pleasure of working with Michael as my school's programme coordinator in Norway. As an early years teacher, I found Michael passionate about international education, inquiry as a stance for teaching, and he continuously strives to stay curious about the world around him. He loves when children discover something new and eagerly share their learning with him. Michael has an excellent working relationship with all his colleagues, and working with him has been inspiring, motivating and enriching. His caring nature and excellent ability to collaborate reflects the meaning of lifelong learning. Michael is without a doubt a true educational leader who leads alongside his peers and not in front. Talented, reliable, trustworthy and always on task, Michael Cresswell will make a positive and significant contribution to any organisation.

Client 1

James Hampshire

PYP Teacher @ Aalesund International School, Norway

I found Michael to be an authentic 21st century leader who inspires confidence in his colleagues. His personal skills allow him to build strong relationships with all those in the school community. Michael became my mentor whilst completing a PGCE in International Education and I learned a great deal from him. This is not to say that he provided me with answers; he asked the right questions. This reflects Michael's passion for inquiry learning on all levels, inspiring teachers of the future to work alongside students in a partnership, learning together in a forever changing world. Michael has my unwavering support in all his endeavours and would recommend him to any establishment.

Client 5

Samantha Fern M.Ed

IB Programme Coordinator @ Fairgreen International School, Dubai, UAE

Mr Cresswell is a passionate and motivated leader for the future. he has been an integral part of the development of a school and community. He introduced new technology with the use of apps in the classroom, along with new technological communication apps that promoted a knowledge and understanding of school culture and pedagogical approach to education throughout the community. He has always had positive feedback from students, staff and parents relating to his abilities and performance. He was a crucial access point for improved communication for the community through his actions of implementing technology in the school community. 

He would be a great asset for any school, both in the classroom and in leadership roles.

I wish him all the best in his future endeavours and have no doubt in recommending him for any position he desires.

Client 2

Michael Scott B.A. PGDip Ed

Director of Systems @ St Joseph's Nudgee College, Brisbane, Australia

Michael is an extraordinarily passionate person who pours himself into every aspect of his life. I have watched him grow from a young basketball player to a university student to a pre-service Teacher and an established Teacher with extensive years of global experience. Michael leads by example and is focused. He is someone who is first to put up his hand to help others and has a clear sense of justice.

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